Digitising site data

Simplifying cost and resource management.

Create powerful forms to capture and utilise your construction site data from anywhere.

Powering leading companies like

Do Less work 100% of the time.

Digital forms.

Create every form your site teams need to complete the project in minutes.

Workflows & approvals.

Customise approval workflows for any process for each form.

Reporting & analytics.

Make the most of data with inbuilt analytics and PowerBI integration. 

Easy Setup

Create simple forms for any site data.


One-Click Approvals

Approve submitted forms in one click and save supervisor time.


Detailed Access Controls

Control who can do what. Create detailed roles with the right permissions.


Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create and edit forms in minutes to adapt your process as projects change.


Integrate Data

Use the API to connect payroll systems, PowerBI and other tools to get data in and out of Allo automatically


Flexibility by design.

Create every form your site teams need to complete the project.

From our customers

We've heard things like

"So simple to use, its brilliant" Foreman

Tier 1 Contractor

"The info we need at the right time." Head of Finance

Civil Engineering Firm

"So much better than using excel!" PMO

Main Contractor

"Supervisor are saving 1-3 hours per day" Foreman

General Contractor

"We are super impressed by how well GCs have run their ops with the app" Client

Government Agency


Make site data work for you.

Get a deeper understanding of your projects. allo analytics gives you the tools to instantly analyse any data captured in forms. 

Access from anywhere

Desktop & mobile.

allo works on mobile and desktop devices so your teams can capture data and submit report from anywhere, giving you the insights you need when you need them.

Integrate allo with other systems.

Connect payroll, site access, ERP and other systems to automate and accelerate project operations.